The past few months – getting into woodworking

I knew when I re-started the site that I was never going to be able to stick at blogging regularly, so I make no apology for that.

Anyway, once the daylight appeared in springtime I started to focus on a few new things.

In March we decided to do the DIY badge with the Cubs which meant I designed a wooden robot that we made with them.

The simple wooden robot I designed for the Cubs.
The simple robot I designed for the Cubs. This was my first go and it could have been neater!

In doing the prep for this I dusted off a bunch of tools I had in the garage including an old tenon saw that came from my Grandad, (though I think it maybe came to him via his second wife rather than something he’d had for life). It was rather rusty and dull and when I looked up whether it was possible to sharpen and restore a tenon saw I discovered Paul Sellers and learned that yes, indeed it was. After watching lots of Paul’s videos (and a few others online) and after doing the simple activity with the Cubs I sort of rekindled a very old hobby (I had always enjoyed making simple things out of wood as a child/early teenager but hadn’t done much beyond basic shelves and the like since).

An old Tyzack Turner tenon saw that has been somewhat restored
The old tenon saw that came from my Grandad, after my first attempt at cleaning off the rust and sharpening it.

So I’ve been acquiring tools and teaching myself some proper joinery. I made various brackets and tool holders to organise my garage for practice and have done a few projects so far. Maybe I’ll share these (along with instructions for the Cub project should anyone else want to do that) at some point.

I restored the number 4 plane (£15.50 from eBay) following Paul Seller’s video.

See also my work-in-progress page woodworking hand tools I use.