About me

Tom with Greta the dog

Hello! I’m Tom Wood.

  • Live: West Yorkshire, England
  • Work: hands-on Senior Project Manager at Consult Red. (More on LinkedIn)
  • Love: my wife, our dog Greta, family, walks in our local countryside, cooking, photography, travel, fixing things, making things and teaching myself things (both realised in our campervan conversion)
  • Volunteer: assistant Cub Scout leader – helping teach some fun stuff to 8-10.5 year olds

About this website

I use this website to write about a variety of subjects that interest me. I don’t update it very often. Unless you are freakishly similar to me, you won’t share all the same interests I do. That’s fine. I’m not expecting (m)any people to read everything I write! I write things here so that people can stumble across what I have written via a search engine, and hopefully find it useful.