Adventures in IPv6, part 3 (bind DNS over IPv6)

Setting up Bind to provide DNS over IPv6 was fairly straightforward. In fact it was on by default:

listen-on-v6 { any; };

was set in named.conf.options.

After making sure I had AAAA records for my nameservers too, I used the checker at to see what it thought of my IPv6 setup.

IPv6 test result for my web domain, showing all tests pass

All passes!

(The bit about the MX record actually came slightly later when I looked at setting up Postfix to use IPv6).

When I tried the same for the domain I use to host my DNS, I found one problem:

IPv6 test result for my DNS domain, showing lack of IPv6 glue record

To fix this I have submitted a support ticket to my domain registrar to ask them to add IPv6 glue records for the domain I use to operate the nameservers (sadly their web interface doesn’t let me do this automatically).


The only other thing remaining was to allow my master DNS server to sync to my slave over IPv6 as well as IPv4. That was a case of updating /etc/bind/named.conf.local on the master to add the IPv6 address of the slave into the allow-transfer and auto-notify sections, and edit the same file on the slave to add the IPv6 address of the master into the masters section, then restart bind on both servers.

The logs show that it actually now syncs over both IPv4 and IPv6, which isn’t really an issue.