Software Engineer, Tech Lead and Student Placement jobs in West Yorkshire, Wrocław and Los Angeles

I’ve been working at Red Embedded for almost 8 years, and it’s a great place to work. We work on a consulting basis for some of the world’s biggest TV/streaming media, consumer electronics and IoT brands, developing hardware and software (mostly software) for some great devices that millions of people use every day.

As a medium sized company (around 120 permanent staff in 3 global offices, and counting) it’s a great place to work – working life is very informal and flexible and we only employ bright and capable engineers, so there’s always a great team around you.

We’re normally recruiting all the time and the latest roles are advertised on our careers website, but in particular at present we have a few great roles open:

More info and applications through any of the links above (and mention I sent you!), or contact me with any specific questions.